3,000 per month for those have a labor card

3,000 per month for those who have a labor card, complete information on how to apply is here






Hello Friends Hi, Government of Karnataka is providing many facilities to the labor card holders. The government continues to implement such schemes and facilities for the benefit of the workers. Every worker can take advantage of this. All its complete information is detailed in the following article. Everyone read our article completely.Labour Card 3000 Rs Pension Yojana- This programme has been set up for all employees and laborers in the country’s random sector. Labor Pension with E-Shram Card, the central government, start Yojana to protection the future of all worker via this project. The Central Government is working hard to take up the quality of livelihood for all workman and hired man while turn down their economic load. As a out come, the government tool various enterprise for all over the place workers to make sure their frequently improve.

Important Details:

Organization Name Labor Welfare Board Karnataka Govt

Beneficiaries workers

Benefits 3000 thousand subsidy





Labour Card 3000 Rs Pension Yojana

The Government of India has start a new project named the E-SHRAM Portal Scheme for the well-being of mixed up Sector Workers and hired mans. e-SHRAM Portal has begun by Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi. The working man and Employment Ministry of India has go ahead E-SHRAM Portal to track and gather all knowledge and details about laborer’s and workers of the unsystematic sector. Rack up facts will be cast off to begin latest schemes, make current policies, design more job chance for untidy Sector work man and Laborers. Ministry of Labor & Employment will issue the Unique Identification Number (UAN) Card for Who register for the e Shram Portal. Applicants who want to request for E-Shram portal Registration can put in for CSC Seva Kendra. Applicant can also make self-registration on e-SHRAM page using a mobile number linked with Aadhar Card.

About Labour Card 3000 Rs Pension Yojana

The Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan is a optional and conducive pension scheme for messy workers for appearance age of 18 to 40 years with monthly income of Rs.15000 or less.

In accord with the tweet by the Labor Ministry, “UAN is a 12-digit number uniquely assigned to each mixed up worker after apply on the E-Shram Card portal. UAN number will be a lasting number i.e. once allot, it will persist stable for the employee’s lifetime.”






Every registered building or other construction labor beneficiary must have completed 60 years of age.

A registered construction worker must have continued as a beneficiary of the Board for at least 03 years continuously before attaining the age of 60 years.

Every registered building or other construction worker eligible for pension should submit an application through the Board’s KBOCWWB software.

A registered building worker or other construction worker should submit his original board identity card along with the application.

If the application is found to be ineligible during the scrutiny of the pension application submitted by the beneficiary, the application will be rejected.

A registered beneficiary has to submit Life Certificate Form XIV-A every year to the sanctioning officer in the Board’s software for continuation of pension.


The people Who are attentive in claim for the Shram card can register online if they fall beneath any of the class


Native of India

Precondition 18 years

Works at unsystematic zone

Shouldn’t be payer(earning over the limit)





Benefits of Labour Card

The Voter who have Apply online on the E Shram portal are enable to the beneath benefits:-


No Premium for 1 Year

Financial support

Benefits under Social Security Scheme

Gives Jobs

Track workforce of Migrant labors

Let us also introduce that the Central Government has make a site E-Shram Card for workers and employee in the mixed up zone . The government will collect data & figures on all such works man and workers by this page. And, establish on this knowledge, they will be up to use many plan and service. As a end , all permitted hired man will be need to listing on this E-Shram Portal. After log in this page, all workers will be eligible an E-Shram Card, grant them to benefit from these project. Let us describe that this is a 12-digit labor card. This give out as the workers’ identity in assorted method.


Benefits & Features

We desire to well informed all of our hardworking brothers & sisters that if they have an E Shamika Card New Benefits 2021, they will be able for the given benefits: If you register online using the e Shram site, you will get the following perks and details:


To make certain the social and financial growth of all labor brothers and sisters in the country’s messy zone.

hired man in the mixed up sector signed the country will also collect money for 3 years after hold out the age of 60 under the E Shram Card 3000 Pension Yojana 2022.

In extra to the socioeconomic extension of the messy area, this one Shram page totals 38 lakhs.

A national point of messy worker will be build, linked to their Aadhar cards.





Important documents:

Original Identity Card issued by the Board

Employment Confirmation Letter

Life Certificate

Ration Card Xerox

Photocopy of Beneficiary’s Bank Pass Book

Passport size photograph





How to Apply:

Applicants should submit the application at the nearest labor inspectorate office.

Inspection by Registrar/Senior Labor Inspector

Verification and approval by Labor Officer

Eligible beneficiaries can apply by visiting your nearest labor office.

Hit the official webpage of e Shram register.eshram.gov.in

On the Homepage, tap on the apply for E Shram Card

Now, You will see 2 options 1. apply with CSC 2. Self Registration

tap on Self Registration.

Now log in your Mobile number and OTP that is get on your Mobile number.

Now log in your Aadhar Card number and the OTP get on your Aadhar card registered mobile number.

Now sign in the personal data like Occupation etc. and Bank Details.

Now hit on Submit button and Download the e-Shram Card PDF.






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