Free Mobile Yojana 2023

Free Mobile Yojana 2023: Everyone gets a mobile phone from the government with 3 years of free internet








Hello Friends Free Mobile Yojana 2023 When, Where and How to Get Free Mobile, Know Complete Information about Free Mobile Yojana: Under Free Mobile Yojana 2023, the government will soon start distribution of free mobile. Under the Chief Minister’s Digital Seva Yojana, all Chiranjeevi Chief women are being given a free smartphone and 3 years of free internet connection. Complete information about this project is given in this article, read till the end.Through today’s article Free Mobile Yojana List 2023, you are going to get the information related to Chief Minister Digital Service Scheme free mobile phone to be provided to Chiranjeevi Mahila Mukhiya through Chief Minister Digital Service Scheme. Those whose name is registered in Chiranjeevi Yojana will take advantage of Free Mobile Yojana List 2023 free mobile scheme provided women have to fulfill some eligibility,

we are going to tell you all that in this article so that you get the benefit of Chief Minister Digital Free Mobile Scheme. You also have your name in Free Mobile Yojana List 2023. Are you interested to see the Free Mobile List? If you want to get more information about Free Mobile Yojana List 2023 then you have to read this article Free Mobile Yojana List 2023 with us till the end.






Free Mobile Scheme 2023

Government will not charge you any fee for this. This is a free mobile scheme run by the government. Now the question in your mind is where and how to get free mobile. It is mentioned in this article.


When will the free mobile plan distribution start

Under the Free Mobile Yojana ( Free Mobile Yojana 2023 ), the government will soon start distribution of free smartphones. An initiative by the government to connect 1.35 crore Chiranjeevi Mahila Mukhiyas digitally by providing free smartphones under the Free Mobile Scheme. Among the free mobiles, a government-activated SIM is also provided, which has free internet connectivity for up to 3 years.






Free Mobile Yojana List 2023

It is worth mentioning that under an important ambitious scheme like Chief Minister Digital Seva Yojana, preparations have been made to give smartphones absolutely free to the women headed by 33 lakh Chiranjeevi families. According to official sources, such news is coming out that 1 crore 35 lakh women of Rajasthan are going to get the benefit of free mobile scheme at the end of October i.e. work is going on to start mobile scheme at the end of October 2022. According to the new update of Mobile Yojana List 2022, the free mobile phone that will be given to women has been estimated at Rs 9500, along with this mobile phone holder will get 5 gigabytes of data every month for 3 years, unlimited free calling Bali mobile sim. will also be provided





Where to get free mobile plan 2023 free smartphone

Where to get free mobile plan free smartphone? A big question of people is where to get mobile under free mobile plan. Mobile distribution will be done in gram panchayat and wards under free mobile scheme. If you live in rural area you can visit your village panchayat and get free mobile, and if you live in urban area go to your ward and get free mobile, free mobile scheme in panchayat and wards, camps will be held for this. Organized by Govt. Before setting up the camp, the families of the free mobile beneficiaries will be informed in advance by the government. You can join our Telegram group to get free mobile information, join here.



Benefits Of The Schemes

The provision of giving free mobiles under Rajasthan Free Mobile Sona has been made in the Free Mobile Yojana List 2023.

Free Mobile Yojana List 2023 which will be given to the female head of Chiranjeevi family, this mobile will be screen touch i.e. Android.

No fee will be charged from the beneficiary under the Free Mobile Yojana List 2023.

Under the Free Mobile Yojana List 2023, free internet and calling facility will be provided for 3 years.





Free mobile Yojana 2023 documents

Chiranjeevi Card

Janadhar Card

Residential certificate

Mobile Number

E mail id

Income certificate

Age Certificate

Ration card

Pan Card

Free Mobile Yojana List 2022 related other documents






Free Mobile Plan 2023 Mobile Kaise Milega

To get free mobile under Free Mobile Yojana 2023, it is very important that your name is in Chiranjeevi Yojana. Having a Chiranjeevi Yojana card is essential. If you are enrolled in Chiranjeevi scheme and have Chiranjeevi card available. So you can go to free mobile camp organized in your gram panchayat and get free mobile. You should take your Jan Aadhaar Card and Chiranjeevi Yojana Card.


Whether you will get free mobile or not, check online

Can you see from your mobile sitting at home whether you get free mobile or not under free mobile plan ? Before this, let me tell you that only people whose name is linked in Chiranjeevi Yojana under “Free Mobile Yojana” will be given free smartphone. You can check online whether you are eligible for “Free Mobile Plan 2023” or not.






Free Mobile Phone Yojana 2023

The mobile phones that are going to be distributed by the Rajasthan government to Chiranjeevi and Janadhar card holder women under the Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme 2023 will be with touch screen.

The phones that will be made available under the Free Mobile Yojana 2023 will be manufactured in India.

In Rajasthan free mobile phone, unlimited 5 to 10 GB data will be available every month absolutely free for 3 years.

Rajasthan Free mobile phone will be powered by 5.5 inch display and quad core processor and will have 2GB RAM 32GB expandable memory.

Companies like BSNL Reliance and Airtel will be the partners of Rajasthan Free Mobile plan.






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