Rs 5 lakh Home loan scheme

Home loan scheme – Rs 5 lakh subsidy for building a house from the state government.









The state government has given good news by increasing the grant given to the poor families of the state to 5 lakh rupees. So how much grant was given earlier to build houses for the poor? So how much is the grant to be given now? What is the priority for building a house? All categories of people will get this grant. You are going to know about all these information in this post.





Is there subsidy for house construction up to 5 lakhs under Onti Mane Yojana?

Let’s know which categories of people are subsidized by Banni. The state government has given good news to the economically backward families or the poor families. The Karnataka state government has implemented the single house scheme. Through this single house scheme, if you have a vacant land near you, you are given a free subsidy of up to 5 lakh rupees in the single house scheme. If you don’t have any vacant space, you can get free subsidy of Rs. 5 lakhs under this single house scheme under this single house scheme to buy houses in any apartments. Today let’s know the detailed information about this single house scheme.





The state government has been urged to provide more funds for the construction of houses for the poor families of the state. Kota Srinivasa Pujari, Minister of Social Welfare Department, has given information that the grant given by the government will be increased to 5 lakh rupees for the construction of houses for poor families. Speaking to the media after holding a meeting with the officials of Social Welfare Department at Vikas Soudha on Monday, he said that poor families were given 1.70 lakh rupees to build houses. With this 1.70 lakh rupees, they could not build good houses. Therefore, Minister Kota Srinivasa Poojary shared this information that a proposal will soon be submitted to the Chief Minister of the state, Basavaraja Bommai, seeking permission to give a grant of Rs 1.70 lakh to the beneficiaries of such poor families.






Home loan scheme – Rs 5 lakh

subsidy for building a house from the state government.He said that he will cut unnecessary expenses in the department for one year. Apart from this, it has been said that non-essential projects will also be put on hold. The minister said that poor families belonging to Scheduled Castes will be given first priority to provide better education to their children including good houses, toilets, drinking water connection, electricity connection and quality healthcare facilities. It has been said that complete transparency will be brought in the Social Welfare Department, without which no grant will be allowed to be used.





How to submit application under single house scheme?

Documents required to submit application? Let’s know the complete details about the eligibility requirements to apply.

First this one Karnataka state government implemented this single house scheme under this single house scheme initially if there is a vacant plot then about 5 lakh rupees was given by the royal government under one single house scheme to build a house on such vacant plot. But now the state government has given another sweet news that apart from giving subsidy to those who have vacant land to build their own house, if you have no vacant land near you or if you don’t have your own land, you will be given 5 lakh rupees by the state government through the single house scheme to buy a house in government or private apartments.





Eligibility to apply for subsidy-

• Beneficiary should reside within the jurisdiction of Greater Bangalore Mahanagara Corporation.

• Residence confirmation certificates such as identity card, ration card and residence confirmation certificate obtained from the concerned revenue department of the city corporation should be submitted.

• Caste and income certificate obtained from concerned Tehsildar should be submitted.


• The income limit should be within 1 lakh rupees in the context of carrying out personal development work for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

• Beneficiaries living in colonies and slums will be given first priority.

• Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes who are civil servants are eligible for the benefits of this scheme if they are within the annual income limit.





Where to apply?

You should visit your nearest Mahanagara Corporation for this scheme which comes under the jurisdiction of Mahanagara Corporation. There you will be given an application form to apply under a single house scheme.

Fill up the form given there correctly and attach the above mentioned documents to it and visit your nearest or concerned Mahanagara Corporation and submit the documents.

In this way you can get free subsidy up to 5 lakh rupees to build a house in your own land or buy a house in government or private apartments under the Onti Mane Yojana.


BBMP has extended the application period till 20th to avail single house scheme facility. 5 lakhs for building a detached house for those who own their own land under the corporation. The last date to apply online for the subsidy was November 18. However, the applicants were not able to apply adequately during this scheme period. In this background, the application period has been extended. Interested, http://welfare.bbmpgov. 30 on the website or at the Bangalore One center. Application can be made online by paying the fee. Also,

it can be submitted at the help center established in the Joint Commissioner’s offices of all the zones.


Considering single house scheme as the main function of the government, the government helps the people in building houses. They have offered to give subsidy up to 5 lakhs and this scheme has become important for house construction and it is helping to build houses in Bangalore area. And this is a good opportunity for those who are deprived of home and space. Local MLA Bairati Basavaraj had earlier appealed to Minister George to construct 1,615 houses in the constituency. Nagereshwar Nagenahalli Dinne of Horamavu Ward, Kalasana Halli, Muneshwar Nagar, BR Ambedkar Nagar, Lakshmanamurthy Nagar of Vijanapur Ward conducted inspection.





If you have all the qualifications mentioned above then you are eligible to get benefits under this single house scheme of the state government. If you are applying for a subsidy of up to 5 lakh rupees to build your own house through the single house scheme with a vacant plot near you, then see the conditions:

First of all the beneficiaries who have applied will be selected in the Zonal Level Selection Committee.

The documents of the non-applicant should contain the documents related to the vacancy and all related documents.

However if the enrollments are registered in the name of women such candidates will be given higher priority.

Site inspection of house construction and list of estimated cost of house construction should be approved by the concerned Technical Department Controlling Officers.

It is mandatory to get the approval of the concerned authorities for the construction of your house.





In addition, if you want to get subsidy up to 5 lakh rupees, 10% of that amount will have to be paid to the concerned authorities in the form of lump sum.

If the beneficiary constructs a house, this total sum of five lakh rupees will be given to you in four installments as per the unit’s estimated warning.

Photos of each stage of construction of the house are required to be submitted. If you are building a house on a small plot of land, these conditions apply.

It is requested that everyone should take advantage of this. Local MLA Bairati Basavaraj had earlier appealed to Minister George to construct 1,615 houses in the constituency. Nagereshwar Nagenahalli Dinne of Horamavu Ward, Kalasana Halli, Muneshwar Nagar, BR Ambedkar Nagar, Lakshmanamurthy Nagar of Vijanapur Ward conducted inspection. It has already been decided to construct 390 houses in Horamavu Ward and 150 in Vijanapura Ward. Mahadevpur Zone Joint Commissioner Vasanthi Amar said that the list of beneficiaries of all the wards has not been finalized yet. Mainly the funds are released in four installments. 11 lakh grant will be distributed at the stage of laying the foundation of the house, when the wall is built at the roof stage, when the ceiling is built and the house construction work is completed.






Executive Engineer SP Ranganath informed that the money will be directly transferred to the beneficiary’s account.

It has been decided to name the project ‘Bengaluru Amrit Mahotsav Mane’. 100 crore has been earmarked by the corporation for the implementation of single house scheme in the year 2022-23. Under this, a total of two thousand beneficiaries will be benefited. Out of this, it has been decided to give a grant of Rs. 5 lakhs each to 72 beneficiaries who applied for the grant 2-3 years ago (Rs. 3.6 crore). Out of the rest of the grant, Rs.20 crore has been earmarked for those who buy houses in newly constructed apartments by the government authorities. This will benefit 400 people, he said.

Beneficiaries of economically backward classes who have their own plot measuring 20*30 or less in the city will be facilitated for construction of houses. However, poor people who cannot afford to buy land are not able to build their own houses. Therefore, it has been decided to give some grant under this single house scheme for the purchase of houses built under various schemes of the government, he said. The earlier system was: ‘An application to the Assistant Engineer (AE) of a ward would reach the Chief Engineer (CE) through the Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE), Executive Engineer (EE). A zone level selection committee would select the beneficiaries. It was sent to the central office for approval by the Social Justice Standing Committee.





Zonal Joint Commissioner’s Office, Corporation Head of Engineering Department, Special Commissioner of Planning Department, An officer, who did not want to be named, told Prajavani that it would have taken a lot of time to reach the standing committee through the council secretary and send the file back to the ward level. This time, under the scheme, a grant has been reserved in the budget to allocate 10 houses to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe beneficiaries and 5 to Other Backward Classes beneficiaries in each ward. Apart from this, additional houses have been provided for some assembly constituencies where the demand is high. It is a good opportunity to provide subsidy for house construction under this single house scheme. In the current situation, the areas are in high demand and the house construction project is a good decision. For that, the government has taken many resolutions and this is a good way for the people of Bangalore. The government is ready to build houses.







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