will get 5 lakh subsidy Buy Drone’s

Good news for farmers who buy drones!..will get 5 lakh









At present technology is being adopted in the field of agriculture. In this regard, drones have been introduced in agriculture for the benefit of farmers. Drones help farmers in some agricultural work. Hence, the government has given up to 75% subsidy to farmers who buy drones.

Yes, the government is running a drone scheme (PM Kisan Drone Yojana) for the benefit of farmers. By using a drone, it is possible to spray an acre of field in just seven to nine minutes.Central and state governments have formulated many different schemes for farmers.

Meanwhile, the government has decided to encourage the use of drones in agriculture. In that regard, it has come up with a plan to provide heavy subsidy. It offers subsidy of up to 50 percent of the cost of the drone or a maximum of Rs 5 lakh.






Kisan Drone Subsidy Scheme

In a recent announcement by the Ministry of Agriculture, the government will provide 50% or a maximum of Rs 5 lakh for the purchase of drones to SC-ST, small and micro-small, women and farmers of northeastern states to promote the use of farmer drones. Subsidized drone along with other farmers will be given financial assistance of 40% or a maximum of Rs 4 lakh. The government is promoting the use of drones (PM Kisan Drone Yojana) to facilitate farmers, reduce costs and increase income.

To promote the use of drones in agriculture and make drone technology affordable to farmers and other stakeholders in the sector, an accredited Agricultural Training Institute or Agricultural Science Center has been provided under the Sub-Mission for Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM). 100% subsidy will be given. Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) are being subsidized at the rate of 75% to purchase drones to spray medicine on farmers’ fields.

Drones are available under the Kisan Drone Subsidy Scheme (PM Kisan Drone Yojana) of Agricultural Science Centres. Drones costing around ten lakh rupees will be provided free of charge by the government at agricultural science centers. Moreover, farmers, farmer producer groups, women or farmer women groups can also adopt it for startup. Farmers will be given free training by the government to operate drones at agricultural science centers and agricultural colleges.







Why use drones in agriculture

Drones are like mini-copters. Drones that can be flown by remote control were used for military industrial activities but now their usefulness in agriculture has been proven. These can be properly utilized in agricultural land. Downs can be used to spray drugs, chemicals, etc. in the morning. This can save a lot of human resources.

Crop damage inspection It helps in handling large number of animals. Agriculture departments can carry out soil inspection, crop survey etc. of farmers’ land.






More subsidy for small farmers

A drone used for agriculture costs around Rs 10 lakh. It does not mean that all farmers will get 5 lakhs or 50 percent subsidy in drone subsidy scheme. Small and micro farmers, women farmers and north-eastern states farmers are given more subsidy. When these farmers buy a drone, a subsidy of up to 5 lakhs is given or the government gives half of the cost of the drone as a subsidy.

All other farmers who do not belong to the above-mentioned category will be given a subsidy of up to Rs.4 lakh instead of Rs.5 lakh or 40% of the cost of the drone.

Farmers who pay income tax are unable to get money under the Kisan Samman scheme and cover it up and receive crores of rupees of aid illegally from the central and state governments. The Department of Agriculture has come forward to recover this.






Benefits In Drone Scheme

Among the total 95,830 ineligible beneficiaries in the state, Belgaum district has the highest number of beneficiaries. 7748 Anaro beneficiaries were found in Belgaum, 5,109 in Kalaburgi, 5,033 in Vijayapur, 4,951 in Bidar, 4,648 in Tumkur, 4,537 in Mandya, 4,260 in Hassan, 3,882 in Udupi, 3,694 in Bagalkote, 3,452 in Ramanagara district.

It was discovered that 3.97 lakh ineligible persons had registered their names and received money and cheated under the PM Kisan scheme implemented by the central government to respond to the plight of small and very small farmers, thus a total of 442 crores was paid.Provision was made for self-enrolment under the scheme. Thus, the accounts of 3312 deceased have also been paid.

Officials are ready to collect money from ineligible farmers. The central government had implemented the PM Kisan scheme in 2019. 6000 per farmer in addition to the central government, the BJP government in Karnataka is paying another 4000 for this project, totaling 10,000.





Who is not eligible for the scheme


Those paying income tax

Institutional Land Tenants

10,000 per month pensioners

Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, CAs and Architects

Government employees

Current and former People’s Representatives

Paid ineligible

91,969 farmers paying income tax-Rs 104.24 crore

Landholders-1,99,240 Farmers-295.66 crore Rs

1,06,416 farmers cheated on self-registration -Rs 39.44 crore

First enter the mobile number, enter the OTP that will be sent to the mobile

Then select your district, taluk, hobli, village.

After putting the survey number, check the crop you have grown and the photo upload is correct.

Click on the link at the end of this article and click on “Beneficiary status” in “Farmers corner”.






Then click on “Mobile number” and enter the mobile number

Then type Captcha and click on “Get Data” you can see the information about the installment received and not received till date.

Select Farmer Registration Number instead of Mobile Number, put Farmer Registration Number and type captcha and click on Get Data to know your next status.

Note: If you do not know your Farmer Registration number, click here to know your registration and enter your mobile number to get your Farmer Registration.

Also read this, it may be useful for you


Here’s how you can check if the money has been credited to your account


Click on the link at the end of the article.

Once the website opens, click on the Aadhaar number. Then select Calamity Type “Flood”.

Select Year “2022-23”.

Enter your Aadhaar number

and type the “Captch” shown there

Here you will get information about compensation amount credited to your account.

If the compensation money is not deposited, it will show “Payment not made”.

Crop loss compensation deposit for farmers of this district-check here where the money has been deposited into your account –





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