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Govt Announces Unemployment Allowance 2023: Will Get Free Good News For 5000 Unemployed Every Month Released Across India From Today









Hello Friends Unemployment Allowance Announcement 2023 – Big Announcement about Unemployment Allowance, now all unemployed people are given unemployment allowance by Govt. The Chief Minister addressed the public and made this announcement. Now unemployment allowance will be given to all the unemployed. People are happy with this announcement. But the Chief Minister has announced that he will start the unemployment allowance from the coming financial year. Complete information related to this is given in this article, read till the end.






On the occasion of the 74th Republic Day of the country,

there is a good news for the unemployed youth. But the fixed unemployment allowance amount has not been announced in this unemployment allowance announcement. The state government is planning to provide unemployment allowance only to unemployed youth from the coming financial year. Unemployment allowance will be sanctioned as per the upcoming budget. This unemployment allowance announcement was issued through a tweet.Monthly allowance of Rs 5000 for educated unemployed youths and statutory 80 per cent reservation in jobs for local youths are some of the prominent promises made by Maharashtra Youth in its “first-of- its-kind” for the October 21 assembly polls, which was released on Saturday.

It also promises government scholarships for meritorious local students pursuing higher education in foreign universities, waiver of educational loan and providing free of cost higher education to differently-abled youths.






Declaration of Unemployment Allowance 2023

This news will bring relief to the unemployed across the state. All the unemployed will be given unemployment allowance by the government. The amount of unemployment allowance starting from the financial year has not yet been made public. Due to this, there is a difference in youth getting unemployment benefits. How much unemployment allowance will be given by the government. But the key issue is how long the unemployed youth will be able to survive on unemployment benefits. However, the unemployment allowance amount has not been announced yet. The amount of unemployment allowance will be announced soon. This project is currently in the state of Chhattisgarh and will soon come to the state of Karnataka.






He said education loans availed till will be waived.

Tambe promised increase in intake in government hostels for the needy youths and free higher education for all differently-abled youths.

“Educated unemployed youth will receive an allowance of Rs 5000 per month and statutory 80 per cent reservation in jobs for local youth,” he stated.

It promises setting up of separate infrastructure for the Ministry of Youth Development besides for youth information centres in every district of the state.

“A unique, world class sports university will also be established. Seed fund of Rs 500 for start-ups and additional fund of Rs 200 crore for agro-based businesses will be allocated,” he added.






Stringent implementation of anti-narcotic laws and free public transport for all students are other promises.

“Subjects like ‘Lifestyle Management’ and ‘Civics’ will be made mandatory in education curriculum. Special actions will be taken to ensure education and implementation of cyber safety,” it stated.

As per the document, the new government will revamp all heritage forts in Maharashtra for ensuring conservation of cultural heritage and boosting tourism.

The Congress is contesting the election in alliance with the Sharad Pawar-led NCP.






“Today, I want to say on behalf of the that give your vote to the  and jobs will be created, papers won’t get leaked. Currently, the employment exchange website of Uttar Pradesh has 34 lakh applicants looking for jobs,” he said.

The AAP wants to tell these 34 lakh job seekers, their families and others, “you can create jobs with your votes by voting AAP to power”, Sisodia said.

“If voted to power, the AAP government will create 10 lakh jobs every year and till these 34 lakh youth do not get jobs, Rs 5,000 job allowance will be provided to them every month,” he told a press conference.Sisodia said a detailed plan for creating these jobs and ensuring budget for them has been made under the leadership of party leaders Arvind Kejriwal and Sanjay Singh.

“They (BJP government) had promised 70 lakh jobs but if one looks at the situation, Uttar Pradesh is not number one in providing jobs but whenever there is an exam for recruitment, then the state is number one in leaking the question paper of those exams in the Yogi raj,” Sisodia claimed.





Assembly elections in are yet to be announced but expected early next year.

Sisodia claimed that Chief Minister Kejriwal’s vision helped a pandemic-hit Delhi create 10 lakh jobs this year, as he hailed his education and governance policies. The once jobless youth is now even creating jobs in Delhi, he said. “All records of leaking exam question papers have got shattered in the Yogi government,” the AAP leader said, listing out major exam paper leaks since 2017, the year the BJP formed government in.

Dubbing the BJP-led government as “paper leak sarkar”, Sisodia said the current dispensation is playing with the future of the state’s youth.





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