Pashu Kisan Credit Card 2023

Rs.60,783 if there is a cow in the house. And if you have a buffalo you will get Rs.70,249/- Pashu Kisan Credit Card 2023








Hello Friends Govt Pashu Kisan Credit Card 2023 Scheme has started. Rs.60,783 if there is a cow in the house. 70,249/- per buffalo, the government aims to double farmers’ income by 2023. For this the government has started Pashu Kisan Credit Card. Farmers for rearing fish, chicken, sheep, goat, cow and buffalo are given loans under Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme. Under this, the central government in collaboration with the state government has launched this Kisan Credit Card scheme for farmers in order to double the income of farmers owning any animal like cow, buffalo etc. In this article complete information about Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme is given, read till the end.


Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2023

This Scheme Has Been Issued By The Government Of Haryana For Its States. Under This Scheme, All Those Beneficiary Farmers Who Have Animal Husbandry Like Cow And Buffalo Animal Husbandry Will Be Benefited. To Double The Income Of The Farmers, The Government Has Started This Scheme. Under This Scheme, The Government Farmers Are Given Loans From The Government In 1 Year, This Amount Is Received By All The Farmers In The Form Of 6 Installments In 1 Year.







Pashu Kisan Credit Card 2023: –

No interest is charged on loans up to Rs 1.60 lakh under Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme.

Under this scheme, loans are given to farmers at an interest rate of 7%.

While the central government gives 3% subsidy, the state government gives 4% discount.

Loan availed under credit card scheme is interest free.

 Record Eligibility:-

Must be resident of Maharashtra state.

Insured animals get this loan.

Civil score should be good while taking loan.

Applicants must have Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID Card

mobile no

Passport size photograph





Pashu Kisan Credit Card:-

Interested beneficiaries of the state who want to get animal credit card under this scheme have to go to their nearest bank and apply.

To apply, first you need to go to the bank with all the required documents. After this you have to go there and fill the application form.

After that all the missing information should be filled carefully in the application form.

After filling the application you have to attach the xerox of your Aadhaar card, PAN card and voter ID card along with the application form and submit it to the bank officer.

After verification of application, you will be issued Pashu Kisan Credit Card within 1 month. Pashu Kisan Credit Card 2023





How to Apply for Pashu Kisan Credit Card 2023:-

This loan is given to farmers to promote animal husbandry on a large scale.

Under the Pashudhan Kisan Credit Card, cardholders can avail livestock loans up to Rs 1.60 lakh at 7% interest rate without any collateral.

Pashupalan cardholders get 3% interest rebate under Pashudhan Kisan Credit.

Under this scheme, the credit card holder can use the credit card as a debit card in the bank.

Cattle herders under this credit card – ₹ 60,249/-. ₹ 40,783/- per cow.

For sheep and goats – ₹ 4,063/-. ₹ 16327/- for pigs, ₹ 720/- for poultry.

Beneficiary will be eligible for further loan after settling the amount of interest to be paid at fixed time interval of one year

This scheme will come to our state in few days as soon as this scheme is implemented in our state we will inform you.





Animal Credit Card Facility

Has Been Made For Farmers Who Want To Do Animal Rearing Or Animal Rearing Or Other Farmers Who Are New And Want To Do Animal Husbandry But Due To Weak Economic Condition They Have To Sell Their Reared Animals And Then They Are Unable To Take The Animal, In Such A Situation The Cattle Rearer Has To Face A Lot Of Problems, Sometimes They Do Not Even Have The Money To Buy The Animal.


According To This New Policy, The Government Also Provides Loans At A Low Interest Rate To All Animal Husbandry, So That The Farmer Can Grow And All Those Who Have Started Agriculture And Animal Husbandry Can Move Forward In The Field Of Animal Husbandry And Agriculture. Those People Can Also Take Advantage Of This Scheme, For Them A New Scheme Has Been Announced By The Government, Under Which Farmers Will Have To Get An Animal Credit Card, With The Help Of The Card, Loans Are Also Obtained To Buy Animals.






New Announcement For Pashupalak Kisan Credit Card

As We Have Already Told That Through The Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme, Loans Are Provided To The Farmers Of The State For Animal Husbandry. Under This Scheme, Farmers Are Given Loans Up To Rs 160,000, The Number Of Animals Under The Scheme Loans Are Provided According To If You Want To Take Advantage Of This Scheme From The Government, Then You Have To Apply For It, If You Also Have An Animal, Then You Will Definitely Get This Loan.

For Your Information, Let Us Tell Here That The Cattle Herders Who Have Cattle Will Be Given A Loan Of Up To ₹ 40,000 On A Cow From The Government And All Those Farmers Who Have A Lot Will Get Free Up To ₹ 60,000 From The Government. Loan Will Be Obtained.

So Far 366687 Farmers Have Applied For This Scheme In Haryana, Out Of Which About 57000 Applications Have Been Accepted By The Bank And Credit Cards Have Been Issued To All These Farmers .






Pashu Kisan Credit Card New Update

Under The Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme Launched By The Government, Farmers Are Given Loans To Buy Animals, In This, Animal Husbandry Is Encouraged And On The Other Hand An Increase In The Income Of Farmers Is Recorded. It Was Decided To Give Credit Cards To The Farmers And After Distributing This Credit Card, Now A Target Has Been Set To Make 700000 New Credit Cards. At Present There Are 3600000 Milch Animals In Haryana, Which Is The Main Source Of Income For 16 Lakh Families.







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