Secondary PU exam is now become more simple..! How will be the question paper pattern?

Secondary PU exam is now more simple

The Department of School Education, which made the examination easier for the students by fixing 20 internal marks for the Secondary PU Arts and Commerce exams, has also made the question paper easier.

One word answer, multiple choice questions (MCQ), match write, fill-in-the-blank questions are given more priority in the exam than sentence-based answers. Out of total 100 marks, there are 20 internal, 20 one mark, 24 two mark questions and only 36 marks require descriptive answers.

How will the question paper pattern be?

The Karnataka School Examination and Evaluation Board (KSEAB) has released the second PUC model question papers. Accordingly, in Kannada exam there are 10 questions of one sentence for 10 marks, match and write for 5 marks, fill-in-the-blank for 5 marks and one mark questions for 20 marks. There are 12 questions of 2 marks each. There are 4 questions of 3 marks and 4 questions of 4 marks, totaling 36 questions. Similarly in various subjects minimum 20 marks are one mark questions.

In addition to this, internal marks have been fixed at 20 marks. Short examination and mid-year examination together carry 10 marks, remaining 10 marks are allotted for writing section in project and assignments at college level, 5 marks for presentation, 3 marks for interview and 2 marks for interview.

Fear of falling quality

The government has decided to increase the result as compared to other states of the country. However, in a survey conducted by the School Education Department after Corona, students are lagging behind in sentence formation.

Again, as the education department prepares the question paper to apply the MQU model for increment marks in the examination, there is concern that students will lag behind in quality even if they get good marks.


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