Central recruitment test in regional language

Central Recruitment Test in Regional Languages

Language is a major hurdle in the recruitment test for government jobs conducted today, and the central government has taken steps to overcome it. The central government has taken an important decision to conduct

examinations in 15 regional languages so that the youth should not lose employment opportunities due to language problems. 15 Significant progress has been made in promoting regional languages with the conclusion

that Hindi is important among the working languages. The historic decision to write exams in Indian languages also will encourage the participation of local youth and will continue to promote regional languages. With this move,

lakhs of aspirants of the country have formed a committee to test in mother tongue/regional language. Also SSC has recently unveiled the exam format in 15 languages. It is planned to allow written examinations in all 22 official languages. JEE, NEET and UGC exams are currently

conducted in 12 languages. Demand for SS: There is a constant demand from states to conduct Central Staff Recruitment Commission (SSC) examinations in languages other than English and Hindi. Government experts to check on this point


Opportunity for Higher Education: UPSC lacks books related to higher studies. However, efforts are underway in coordination with the HRD Ministry to promote specialized books in Indian

languages. The first MBBS course in Hindi was launched in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in October last year. Translation of engineering books has started in 8

languages across the country and soon students across the country will be able to pursue technical and medical education in their mother tongue.


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