Sslc,puc, examination in 3 steps now onwards

more annual exam 1,2,3 for SSLC, PUC

Don’t worry if you fail: You can pass in March, June, August

Bengaluru: The Karna Taka government, which conducted the second supplementary examination for the second PUC for the first time in the country, will conduct it on a full scale in the next few days.

A couple of supplements from next year
Apart from the examination opportunity, it will be extended by 4 years to the students of Essential

Until now annual examination and supplementary examination were conducted by Karnataka School Examination and Value Board for SSSC and Secondary PUC. next year

From one to this annual examination, it has been decided to conduct another supplementary examination in addition to the supplementary examination.


The students of PU practical examination which was held in the current year
Avoid wasting time


SSLC, PUC for the first time in the country
Public examination is being conducted for the students for the third time. S.S
Candidates who pass the third examination of LC and PUC are eligible for admission. This

Department of Higher Education is giving me good cooperation in the matter. This will avoid wasting one year of failed children. – Madhu Bangarappa Education Minister Anka selected
At the discretion of the students


Although some students passed, they were not satisfied with the score and had the opportunity to reject and retake the exam. But once registered there was no chance to get the old score again. Meanwhile, students are given the option of retaining their best score in two exams with the opportunity to write the rejected RCC exam. Attendance

Compulsory It is compulsory for young students to write the first time examination to write the annual examination 1. But failed students have a chance to get anything in the second or third exam.

If one year is wasted, one of the three exams is allowed

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