How to transfer APL card to BPL

How to transfer aPL card to BPL card?

Usually if someone in a family with a BPL card joins a government job, the family’s BPL card is transferred to APL. In this case, once transferred to APL card, it cannot be transferred back to BPL. But let’s know the simple method to get another BPL card.

Step 1: First you have to submit a written application at the taluk office to cancel your APL card. As below. Also the necessary documents should be attached. For example, attaching the marriage certificate after the daughter is in government employment and goes to her husband’s house after getting married. Or if the son is in government employment and married and has settled in a different household, attach the Lagna paper of the son or the Lagna paper of the brother and sister.

Step 2 : Taluk officials will verify your application & necessary documents within 1 week and cancel your APL card.

Step 3 : Then you can apply for new BPL card with necessary documents.

Documents to apply for BPL Ration Card:

Aadhaar card
Caste and Income
Ration Card No
Birth certificate (if children under 6 years only)

Online Application Procedure (Secugen Biometric is required to apply for BPL Card)

Step 1: Visit the official website of the department and click on the ‘E Service’ tab.

Step 2: Select New Ration card from e-ration card, click on “New ration card request”, then click on New ration card request.

Step 3: Then be careful here there are two options namely Priority Family and Non-Priority Family.

(PHH) Priority Family : BPL

(NPHH) Non-primary family: APL

Biometric is mandatory if preferred family chooses among these. If you do not have a biometric device, go to the nearest CSC center and get one. Also provide other information. Enter your Aadhaar number if your option is Non-Preferred Family APL.

Step 4: Then type your Aadhaar number, click on GO button. Then successful authentication should be done using OTP or Fingerprint verification.

Step 5: If the applicant selects OTP, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile phone. After entering the OTP click on ‘GO’

Step 6: After successful verification Aadhaar details will be shown. Then by clicking on “Add” button the application number will be created

Step 7: Here select District, Taluk, Acknowledgment Number and click on “Go” option to proceed to fill the Karnataka BPL Ration Card New Registration Form.

Step 8: Fill the required information and upload the documents After completion click on “Submit” to send your application and complete the application.

If the user thinks that the details in the sample copy are correct, then the ration card can be printed by clicking on the RC button.

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