PM svadnidhi yojana information without interest amount

As per the wish of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the means of achieving Antyodaya “P.M. P. from own funds. M. Suraksha” scheme for street hawkers, pushcart vendors, small businesses like sweet food, tea etc., door to door newspaper deliverers, milkmen, bar benders, scrap metal, plastic paper

collectors in the unorganized sector in the service sectorA hub for all traders like shoe repairers, cane, bamboo traders, dobi (iron) makers, scooter, cycle puncturers, water tankers, door to door food delivery, catering, pottery, puppetry, handicrafts etc. Government scheme.It

will be useful.B. B. M. P/Mahanagar Corporation/City Corporation/Nagar Sabha/Municipality/Town Panchayats get applications and register (L, O, R) and send to the bank through letter of recommendation. After receiving the phone from the bank, the bank should be contacted.

Benefits of these facilities:

10,000/- in the first phase, 20,000/- in the second phase, Rs.50,000/- in the third phase and up to Rs.10.00 lakh under Mudra scheme in the fourth phase.
Funds are sanctioned without any guarantee.

7% of the interest rate is paid by the central government to the bank.
A sound box will be provided to help the digital business.
Rs.100/-incentive will be given every month if doing digital business.

Bank Q. Provides stands with R code.
P. M. Self-funding benefits p. M. Under Suraksha Bhima Yojana Rs.20/- per annum subscription of Rs.2.00 lakh per fatal accident and 1 lakh per accidental disability.

To know more information about PM Swanidhi Yojana click here to visit the official website

P. M. Jan Dhan -Account (0) bank account will be opened at zero rate.

P. M. Suraksha Jeevan Jyoti Yojana Rs.2.00 lakh for normal death for annual subscription of Rs.330/-. (No medical record required)

PUnder M Janani Suraksha Yojana – BPL women will be given Rs.6000 (for 2 children only) for childcare after birth.

Under PM Shramayogi Man Dhan Yojana after age 60 Rs. 3000 is a pension scheme. 18 to 45 years old Rs. Monthly pension should be given on the basis of age limit from 55. The central government also pays the same monthly levy.

“One Country – One Ration Card” This facility will be provided for the benefit of migrant persons in any state of the country.

Application Procedure and Required Documents:

Apply online from your mobile.
Aadhaar Card, Bank Account, Election Identity Card, 2-Photo

“From September 16 to October 15 P. M. During Swanidhi Month “Participate and Get Planned.


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