List of taluks which comes under drought land

South West Monsoon 2023 entered the state on 08.06.2023 and spread over the state in 14 days. Monsoon is a week later than the usual date for its entry and spread. In the month of June, the monsoon weakened and the rainfall was 56% less than normal, in the month of July, the monsoon intensified and it

rained 29% more than the normal, and this rain was concentrated only for one week. In the month of August, there is 73% less rain than the usual, and it has been found that the least rain has been recorded in the last 125 years. The State Meteorological Observation Committee has reviewed from time to time the

state’s rainfall, crop reservoir storage ground water, drinking water and fodder situation. And the Chief Secretary to the Government, who is the Chairman of the State Executive Committee of the State Disaster Management Authority, has observed.


According to the report of Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Center (KSNDMC) dated: 01-06-2023 to 19.08.2023, 487 mm in the state based on the implementation of Central Government Drought Manual-2020 and continuous monitoring of impact indicators. It has rained, usual rain (635

mm) compared to .23% rainfall deficiency has been found.As per the Drought Manual-2020 guidelines, the mandatory criteria for declaring a drought are more than 60% rainfall deficit or dry weather for three consecutive weeks and the resulting

criteria such as moisture deficit, satellite-based crop index, crop sown area, and assessment based on severity in water resources indexDrought situation was found in 113 taluks.Date : Cabinet Sub-Committee meeting held on 22.08.2023 As per the provisions of Para 3.2.6 of Drought Manual-2020 District Commissioners formed teams

comprising agriculture, horticulture and revenue officer/other staff of the respective district and randomly identified 1519 villages of 113 taluks where drought situation occurredIn 14,228 plots, crop damage field confirmation (Ground Truthing) has been undertaken through mobile app.

Accordingly, a circular was issued on the date read in (3) above: 25.08.2023 and directed to conduct a crop survey. Accordingly, 62 taluks with more than 50% crop loss have been classified as drought and 51 taluks reporting 33%-50% crop loss as moderate drought.


Date: 1-6-2023 to 02.09.2023, 512 mm of rain has been received in the state, compared to the usual rainfall (701 mm), there has been a 27% deficiency of rain. KSNDMC has reported that 83 new taluks have drought conditions considering the drought criteria. Date: 04-09-2023 In the

cabinet sub-committee meeting held on 04-09-2023, along with 51 taluks which have already been surveyed for crop damage and identified as moderate drought. It was decided to present the proposal to the cabinet.Accordingly, a circular was issued on the date read in (3) above: 04.09.2023 and directed to conduct a crop survey.


Date read in (4) above: In the cabinet meeting held on 07-09-2023, the cabinet discussed at length about the drought situation in the state due to lack of southwest monsoon and already it has

been confirmed by the crop damage survey that you have drought in 62 taluks and in addition in 134 taluksDistrict Collectors have formed teams comprising agriculture, horticulture and revenue officers/other staff members of the respective districts and randomly identified 19,075 plots in 134 taluks and carried out ground

truthing through mobile app, and the report will be released in the next few daysThe cabinet decided to decide on the declaration of drought later.


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